Northern Sales Company Inc

Full Service Retail Merchandising

This is Northern Sales Company's focus. We pride ourselves in providing a complete service package for our vendors and customers that will provide the complete process to product distribution.

The typical processes that are preformed on product lines that we service at this level are:

  • We set up the shelf according to the customers schematic or recommend a layout that we feel would be best for the customer.
  • We go to the customers store and physically write the order for the product needed (some times as often as every day).
  • We pull the product from our local distribution center.
  • We deliver the product to the customer for check in (usually with in a couple hours of taking the original order).
  • We stock and merchandise the products onto the customers shelves.
  • We maintain the set with fresh product, removing out dated or damaged products.
  • We submit promotions to the customer, and upon approval, deliver and build promotional displays in the store.

We also work very closely with the vendor to learn what new products are being launched and what is working well in other areas of the country. We take this knowledge and keep our customers up to date with the latest information.

You can take a look at a few our key product lines that we service with this process: