Northern Sales Company Inc

Our Product Line

The key manufactures we distribute.

Northern Sales has a wide variety of products ranging from potato chips to paper towels. We stock about 5,000 items company wide and we have available for our customers over 75,000 items from our vendors.  Certain products are exclusive to Northern Sales and may not be available in all locations.

The leading manufacturer in convenience foods. Great brand names such as: Doritos, Lays, & Ruffles.

A full line of national brands under the Pepsi Cola Group.

Oroweat / Sara Lee Breads
Top of the line premium pan breads and Fransciso french breads.

OLE Mexican Foods A full line of high quality tortillas. 

Full Line Cigarette & Tobacco Supplier

We offer a full compliment of cigarettes, tobacco, and tobacco related items to our customers. 

We also distribute a variety of other product lines:

Seafood Packaging Supplies
Janitorial and Paper Products
Candy, Gum, and Mints