Northern Sales Company Inc


Many of the areas that we service vary in population and accessibility. We have over the last 30+ years found that our customers required many different solutions to supply their needs. We have also found for us to remain profitable in some of the smaller towns, that we had to provide many different products and services to obtain that critical mass .

Below are three major groups of services that we provide. While some groups blend into different groups on a customer by customer basis, we hope this will give you an idea of what services we offer.

Full Service Retail Merchandising

This service is the primary focus of Northern Sales Company. Typically in this service we order the product for you, deliver and stock the product, maintain the store sets for you, take care of all rotation and product dating issues, and heavily promote these product lines.

Some of the product lines that fall into this category are: Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Oroweat, Wonder, Hostess, Sara Lee, Tony's Pizza, & Mothers Cookies.

Retail Food Supply / Full Line Tobacco Distribution

The products we supply in this service vary greatly. In this service group the customer would normally be responsible for ordering and stocking the product. We pick and deliver the order to the customers door.

Some of the product lines that fall into this category are: cigarettes, tobacco, candy, gum, mints, jerky, cookies, batteries, and frozen foods.

Industrial Supply

The products we supply in this service group are focused towards products that are not necessarily for resale. The customer would normally order and stock these products, while NSC would pick and deliver to the customers door. This group generally has many special order items. There are tens of thousands of available products in this group.

Some of the primary products that fall into this group are:  toilet paper, roll towels, cleaning chemicals, janitorial supply, fish boxes, ice melt, gloves, boxes, and tape.